Hello, this is an API!

This is an API for Mcservers.info - Servers monitoring tool.

API accepts requests in GET string and returns data in JSON arrays. If you want to use this API firstly you need add your server to monitoring and get unique ServerID!

Click button below to add server to monitoring.

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To recieve result you need to send GET request with valid parameters. Example request: https://mcservers.info/api/‹METHOD›/‹ServerID›/ will return JSON array with data.

  • ‹METHOD› — One of the available methods
  • ‹ServerID› — Existing ID of server in monitoring. You can find him on server page.


Use this method to quickly obtain your Rust server's basic data, such as:

  • Hostname
  • Status (Online/Offline)
  • Current players
  • Total slots


	"status": true,
	"name": "DayZRP.com - Chernarus - Whitelisted Role Play Community",
	"status": "Online",
	"players": "167",
	"players_max": "200"


Use this method to quickly obtain your Rust server's full data, same as Status +:

  • Hostname
  • Server IP
  • Server Port
  • Map name
  • Status (Online/Offline)
  • Average players
  • Players Max forever + date
  • Rating
  • Server version
  • Server's OS
  • Country code, and full name + flags images


	"name":"DayZRP.com - Chernarus - Whitelisted Role Play Community",

Example: Parse & Decode JSON and converting to php variables check it.


Besides JSON you can use JavaScript API. To start using this, you need to include

<script src="https://mcservers.info/api/js/‹ServerID›/"></script>
the <head> section of an HTML page.

After that, in place where you want to display the current number of players, paste the code:


Full list of variables:

  • server_ip
  • server_port
  • hostname
  • map
  • is_online - 1/0
  • players_max
  • players_cur
  • players_avg
  • rating
  • version
  • os
  • country - ISO 3166
  • country_full

Example: JavaScript API GitHub